Image of New opening: "Coin Coin" Bar & Bistro in "The Urban"

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New opening: "Coin Coin" Bar & Bistro in "The Urban"

In October, Switzerland's first Art Tech Space opened in the lobby of the "The Urban" on Ernst-Nobs-Platz. Guests can expect immersive experiences in which the worlds of art and technology merge.

On the grounds of the former Café Nobs, the "Association for Callistics" collective combines the possibilities of art and technology to create unique, immersive experiences. The experts from the areas of Web3, digital art and hospitality describe their project as follows:

Art, music, food and entertainment

"Haus der Kallistik" is a platform for artists and creatives of all kinds. We create impressive experiences and events that get our audience in touch with experimental art forms, self-awareness and interdisciplinary connections. We inspire, mediate and enable to create rooms in which you can experience more. To see more, hear, feel, taste, smell - more.

In the height of the covid pandemic, we were created to enable connections between artists and the audience and have implemented art events, brand collaborations and pop-ups in Zurich, London, Milan and Berlin since then. Despite all the adversities, we organized 8 art exhibitions with 8 outstanding artists in 2021. In addition, we carried out community-building events every week, which ranged from live painting to carefully curated healing trips.

Our events and exhibitions are well curated combinations of art, music, food and entertainment, in which our visitors can fully dive - and that underline the theory that our senses are not simply of biological nature, but are shaped by culture and experiences.

Inspiring atmosphere

From November 1st, internal and external guests have the opportunity to experience this ambitious vision personally or just enjoy a cappuccino or a beer in an inspiring atmosphere.

Opening times «Haus der Kallistik» from 01.11.22:

Monday to Wednesday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Thursday to Saturday: 9 a.m. to midnight
Closed on Sunday