Headsquarter Referral Programm

Are you a member and enthusiastic about Headsquarter? Recommend our workspaces to your network and directly benefit from our referral program.

Our goal at Headsquarter is to make your work day as pleasant as possible. Looking forward, we would also like to provide our services for your friends, colleagues or business partners. If you are happy with Headsquarter and believe that you know someone who would enjoy our workspace just as much, we have an offer that you can both benefit from. On the one hand through a financial commission - on the other hand through your own growing community. Here is the deal:

Step 1

Recommend your contact using the form below.

Step 2

Leave the rest to us. Of course, you are always free to put in a good word. ;-)

Step 3

Welcome your contact as a new member at Headsquarter and celebrate the receipt of your 3.5 % commission (each) based on the first contract value (up to a maximum of 12 months and a maximum payout of CHF 25'000 per referral) at our next Apéro event.

Good to know

You can register any person who is looking for a great work experience for the Headsquarter referral program.

If your referred contact joins, both parties will be rewarded with a commission of 3.5 % to the first contract net-value up to a maximum of 12 months.

To make use of our referral program, simply follow the link below to accesss the recommendation form. We are excited and thank you for recommending Headsquarter!




What is the Headsquarter referral program?

The Headsquarter referral program is an incantivized recommendation program. Anyone who successfully generates a new member will be rewarded - just like the referred contact. The program is the easiest way to help shape your workplace community.

What is the reward for a successful recommendation?

With a successful referral, both parties benefit: You as a Headsquarter Member and the contact referred by you. 7% on the first net contract volume with up to 12 months of term are distributed: 3.5 % as a cash reward for you* and 3.5 % as a discount for the referred member.

*maximum cash payout: CHF 25'000 per referral

How can I participate?

Recommend your contact by filling in the referral form below: Name us your contact details and the contact that you would like to refer to us. Some additional information-such as your contacts current office situation or the reasons for the planned office change-help us in finding the best workplace solution. Our team will take care of everything else and will inform you as soon as the referral was successful.

Who can I recommend Headsquarter?

You can recommend us to any and all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues or business partners who could benefit from a workspace at Headsquarter.

Is there a limit for the number of contacts that I invite?

No, you can enter as many contacts as you want. The only condition is, that you inform your contacts in advance that they will receive a call from our team and are aware of your recommendation.

Recommend Headsquarter now

Benefit from the referral program: simply fill in and send the online form below. Our team takes care of everything else and will inform you as soon as your referral was successful.