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Labster: Pioneer in the field of scientific virtual cooperation

Labster has been one of the Headsquarter Members since 2020. The ambitious company at Talacker 41 revolutionizes laboratory experiments and is a pioneer in the field of virtual scientific collaboration.

Labster is a rapidly growing, award -winning company that focuses on revolutionizing the way in which students around the world are educated. Virtual laboratories are simulated learning environments that enable researchers to carry out laboratory experiments online and to research abstract concepts and difficult theories without having to enter a physical scientific laboratory.

The Labster Principle

Labsters laboratories are based on mathematical algorithms that support research projects and are combined with gamification elements such as immersive 3D universe, storytelling and a reward system that stimulates the natural curiosity of the students and shows the connection between science and real problems.

Successes at leading institutes

Their client base already includes 1,000+ universities, 3,000+ schools of applied sciences and over 3 million students around the world, including leading institutions such as Harvard, with, Stanford, the University of Exeter and ETH Zurich.

Part of the Headsquarter Community since 2020

An article published by MADS TVILLINGGAARD ​​BONDE (July 2014) shows that the use of traditional teaching methods (including wet laboratory) in combination with virtual laboratories can increase learning results by 101 %.

We are proud to be able to count a company with Labster since 2020 in our first members in the Space "The Hip", which recognizes and promotes the effectiveness of hybrid work, i.e. the symbiosis of virtual and physical cooperation. All the more, the praise honors our founders and CEOs Michael Bodaer Jensen:

"Headsquarter has been essential in Bringing our hybrid team together to help us collaborate and build social connections in a space we all truly enjoy."